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Open Jobs / 招聘

Want to join our winning team? Have a look below, we'd love to hear from you.
Business Development
International BD & Sales Associate
Finance Director / VP Finance
Advertising Optimization Specialist / 广告优化师
Front End Development Manager / 前端开发技术经理
Java Technical Manager / Java 技术经理
Product Manager (KTPlay) / 产品经理 (KTPlay)
Customer Service Representative / 游戏客服
Project Manager / 项目经理
Project Assistant / 手游产品助理
Client Server Development Engineer  / 中级客户端开发工程师
U3D Development Manager / U3D开发主程

Work with us.

From character animation to the business backbone, Yodo1 Games employs a diverse range of people and talent.

Think you have what it takes to join the ranks of Yodo1? Take a look at our openings below; we’d love to hear from you!

Who are we?

Yodo1 is home to a dedicated and enthusiastic full-spectrum company, including seasoned team-leading professionals from multinational technology enterprises across the globe. Our connections within the industry reinforce our solid reputation with leading organizations and influencers. As a result, we have established successful relationships with numerous social platforms and press outlets, and distribution and advertising channels.

Equal Opportunities.

Yodo1 Games supports, endorses and enacts equal opportunity employment and training.

Regardless of gender identity or expression, sex or sexual orientation, race or color, religion or homeland, or disability, all applicants will be assessed based on their proven knowledge being able to meet the selection criteria as outlined in their chosen advertisement description.

Don't see a match? No problem. We would still like to get to know you here.
Check back regularly to see new listings, and follow us on social media to hear about opportunities as they appear.